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Welcome to the Canadian portal for information about wildland fire weather and smoke. From here you can access the BlueSky Canada smoke forecasts, fire weather forecasts, fire information, and the BlueSky Playground. The Weather Forecast Research Team at the University of British Columbia produces these research forecasts with support from multiple agencies. These tools and data serve professionals in the air quality, health & safety, emergency management, and science & research communities as well as the public. We are also a community of practice that advances policies, plans & organizations to address wildland fire and smoke issues.


Smoke Forecasts

High resolution, interactive forecasts of
hourly, daily average and daily maximum
concentrations of PM2.5 smoke particles
at ground level from wildfires.

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French Translation
July 19, 2023     We now have a French version of the website available. Look for the "Fr" link in the navbar at the top of each page to switch to French, and the corresponding "En" link to switch back to English.
Service Outage
July 18, 2023 was down overnight July 16-17 due to a server outage. Smoke forecasts are now available again, but they may not accurately depict initial smoke conditions until the smoke modelling system has spun up the carryover smoke used to initialize each forecast.
Forecast Issue
July 16, 2023     Due to network issues this past weekend, smoke forecasts were produced with missing forecast hours and/or missing carryover smoke to initialize the forecast with. As a result, the smoke displayed on the current forecast did not accurately reflect the actual conditions. We have implemented changes to fix the network issues and are monitoring the forecasts to ensure this does not recur.
Forecast Access Clarification
May 13, 2023     Public access will continue for smoke forecasts, fire weather forecasts, and all other services on FireSmoke Canada. The only service that will no longer be public is the SmartFire fire data acquisition, reconciliation and GIS database. Sorry for the confusion.
SmartFire Service Notice
April 19, 2023     Public access to the SmartFire fire data acquisition, reconciliation and GIS database service will be discontinued April 30, 2023 for security reasons. Please contact us to discuss options if you rely on this service.


Fire data acquisition, reconciliation and GIS database. Data streams with satellite hotspot detects and ground reports are available for browsing and downloading in multiple formats for use in modelling and forecasting systems.

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Ad hoc, on-demand smoke modelling tool. Create emissions scenarios for prescribed burns and wildfires, then model and view the resulting smoke dispersion forecast.

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Fire Weather Forecasts

Interactive, high-resolution Fire Weather Index forecasts using gridded numerical weather prediction data for use in wildfire models and wildfire incident command briefings.

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