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Forecast Parameters

Forecast ID:BSC12CA12
Run date & time:2021-03-02 20:00
Meteorology:WRF 20210228, 12km grid, 12 UTC initialization
Fires & emissions:SF2 20210302 16 UTC
Carryover smoke:20210301 20 UTC


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This BlueSky Canada smoke forecast is considered experimental because it is produced by a system that is an ongoing research project and subject to uncertainties in weather forecasts, smoke dispersion and fire emissions. For example, the system uses satellite detections to locate fires. If there is cloud cover or smoke that obscures the detection of fires from space, the resulting smoke from these fires will not be accounted for in the forecast.

NOTE: This forecast does not include smoke from sources that are outside the boundaries of the forecast domain. The BlueSky Framework currently does not have a mechanism to transport smoke into the model domain from external sources. Please use the Canada-wide forecast to evaluate whether long-range smoke transport may affect your region.