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Welcome to the Canadian portal for information and resources about smoke from wildland fires. We provide access to services and data for professionals in the air quality, health & safety, emergency management, and science & research communities as well as the public. We are also a community of practice that advances policies, plans & organizations to address wildland fire smoke issues.

Our primary service is smoke forecasts from wildland fires using the BlueSky Canada system. This system produces forecasts of hourly ground-level concentrations of smoke particles (PM 2.5) from wildfires up to 48 hours into the future. The forecast output is experimental and is subject to uncertainties that are inherent in weather forecasts, wildfire detection/emissions and smoke predictions.


National Smoke Forum
May 24, 2016. The 2016 National Smoke Forum will be held in Kelowna, British Columbia on October 28, 2016. Read more ...
East & West Forecast Domains
May 24, 2016. The East and West smoke forecast domains have been increased in size, and they now use nested 12 km + 4 km meteorology. View forecasts ...


Fire data acquisition, reconciliation and GIS database system. Data streams are available for browsing and downloading in multiple formats, as well as for use in modelling and forecasting systems.


Ad hoc, on-demand smoke modelling tool. Create emissions scenarios for prescribed burns and wildfires, then model and view the resulting smoke dispersion forecast.

National Forum

The importance of wildfire smoke, an overview of current tools and technology, and discussions to inform future plans and actions.


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