These smoke forecasts are produced by the BlueSky Canada Smoke Forecasting System operating at the University of British Columbia. Smoke forecasts are published during the Canadian wildland fire season, which runs from April to September. For more information about the system, see The BlueSky Canada Wildfire Smoke Forecasting System.

The BlueSky Canada forecasting system was developed through the collaborative efforts of the following partners:

  • B.C. Ministry of Environment
  • B.C. Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations
  • Alberta Department of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development
  • Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment
  • Manitoba Health
  • Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
  • Natural Resources Canada
  • Environment Canada
  • Parks Canada
  • University of British Columbia
  • United States Forest Service

In addition to these partners, the BlueSky Canada project is supported by the Canadian Safety and Security Program (CSSP-2012-CP-1182) which is managed by Defence Research and Development Canada's Centre for Security Science.

Operational Forecasts

Click on a forecast's ID button to view the current forecast.

Forecast ID Domain Meteorology Frequency Normally Published Other Link
BSC00CA04 » Canada Initialized 00 UTC, nested 4 km + 12 km grids Not currently available 05:00 (Eastern) / 02:00 (Pacific) Traditional forecast
BSC06CA12 » Canada Initialized 06 UTC, 12 km grid Once a day 11:00 (Eastern) / 08:00 (Pacific) Traditional forecast
BSC12CA12 » Canada Initialized 12 UTC, 12 km grid Once a day 17:00 (Eastern) / 14:00 (Pacific) Traditional forecast
BSC18CA12 » Canada Initialized 18 UTC, 12 km grid Once a day 23:00 (Eastern) / 20:00 (Pacific) Traditional forecast


Archived forecasts are available for viewing, but we don't have a searchable index. To access a previous forecast you need to type the following URL patterns into your browser's address bar.

  • Active forecasts:
    • BSC00CA04: (using 00 UTC meteorology)
      where HH = 09 (or HH = 08 prior to 20180726)
    • BSC06CA12: (using 06 UTC meteorology)
      where HH = 14
    • BSC12CA12: (using 12 UTC meteorology)
      where HH = 20
    • BSC18CA12: (using previous day's 18 UTC meteorology)
      where HH = 02
  • Inactive forecasts:
    • West forecasts:
    • East forecasts:


  • YYYYMMDD = the date of the forecast run
  • HH = the UTC time of the forecast run; 08 & 20 for West forecasts & Canada forecasts using 00 UTC met, 02 & 14 for East forecasts & Canada forecasts using 18 UTC met

Google Earth KMZ files and raw data NetCDF files for archived forecasts can be downloaded directly by appending the following file names to the forecast URL patterns (above).

  • Google Earth KMZ file: dispersion.kmz
  • Raw data NetCDF file:


BlueSky Canada smoke forecasts are considered experimental because they are produced by a system that is an ongoing research project and subject to uncertainties in fire emissions, weather forecasts and smoke dispersion. For example, the system uses satellite imaging to locate fires. If there is cloud cover or smoke that obscures the detection of fires from space, the resulting smoke from these fires will not be accounted for in the forecasts.


Current operations supported by:


Development & past operations supported by: